Quick Drawstring Backpack: DIY with Grommets

In this DIY guide, we will explore how to create a quick drawstring backpack using grommets. This simple and practical project allows you to design and customize your own backpack, perfect for everyday use or as a thoughtful gift. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can create a unique drawstring backpack that reflects your personal style. Cut the fabric pieces to the desired size. The top of the bag should be 18 inches wide and 12 inches tall. The sides of the bag should be 18 inches long. The bottom of the bag should be 12 inches wide and 6 inches tall.

Quick Drawstring Backpack: DIY with Grommets

Quick Drawstring Backpack: DIY with Grommets

Materials Required

To get started with this DIY project, you will need the following materials:

  • The fabric of your choice
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Grommets
  • Grommet setting tool
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Iron
  • Cord or ribbon for the drawstring

1. Gathering the Materials

Before you begin the project, ensure that you have all the required materials readily available. This will help streamline the process and prevent any interruptions while working on your drawstring backpack.

2. Preparing the Fabric

Start by preparing your fabric. Iron it to remove any wrinkles or creases. This step will ensure that your backpack has a neat and professional finish.

3. Cutting the Fabric

Measure and cut the fabric for your backpack according to the desired size. Consider how much space you will need to carry your belongings comfortably. It’s recommended to add a few extra inches to account for seam allowances.

4. Sewing the Grommets

Next, determine where you want the grommets to be placed on your backpack. Mark the spots using a fabric pen or chalk. Follow the instructions provided with the grommets to sew them onto the fabric securely. Grommets not only add a decorative touch but also act as openings for the drawstring.

5. Adding the Drawstring

Once the grommets are in place, insert the cord or ribbon through them to create the drawstring closure. Ensure that the drawstring is long enough to comfortably close and open the backpack. You can use different colors or patterns for the drawstring to add a personal touch.

6. Sewing the Bag

With the grommets and drawstring attached, fold the fabric in half, right sides facing each other. Sew along the sides, leaving the top open. Reinforce the stitching at the bottom corners to provide strength and durability.

7. Finishing Touches

Turn the bag right side out through the opening. Press the seams with an iron for a clean finish. You can also add any additional embellishments, such as patches or appliques, to further personalize your drawstring backpack.

Quick Drawstring Backpack: DIY with Grommets

Benefits of a Drawstring Backpack

A drawstring backpack offers several benefits compared to traditional backpacks or bags. Some of the advantages include:

  • Easy access: The drawstring closure allows quick and convenient access to your belongings.
  • Lightweight: Drawstring backpacks are generally lightweight, making them comfortable to carry for extended periods.
  • Versatility: They can be used for various purposes, such as gym workouts, day trips, or as an extra bag during travel.
  • Customizability: DIY drawstring backpacks provide endless opportunities for personalization, allowing you to showcase your unique style.

Personalization and Customization Options

One of the major advantages of making your own drawstring backpack is the ability to personalize and customize it according to your preferences. Consider the following options:

  • Fabric choice: Select a fabric that matches your style or interests, such as floral prints, geometric patterns, or even your favorite fandom.
  • Embellishments: Add patches, buttons, or embroidery to make your backpack truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Adjustable straps: Incorporate adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable fit for various body types.

Maintenance and Care Tips

To ensure the longevity of your drawstring backpack, follow these simple maintenance tips:

  • Spot clean: Regularly spot clean your backpack with a mild detergent or fabric cleaner to remove any stains or dirt.
  • Air dry: Allow your backpack to air dry completely after cleaning, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Store properly: When not in use, store your backpack in a cool and dry place to prevent any damage or discoloration.

Follow these detailed steps to create your DIY backpack:

  1. Provide a clear description or overview of the first step, such as cutting the fabric according to specific measurements.
  2. Describe the second step, which may involve sewing or assembling certain components.
  3. Explain the subsequent steps, breaking down the process into manageable sections.
  4. Continue detailing the steps until the backpack is complete.

Variations: some ideas to personalize your backpack:

  • Experiment with different fabric colors or patterns to match your style.
  • Explore various types of grommets to add unique accents to your backpack.
  • Consider different ways to accessorize your backpack, such as adding patches or charms.


Creating your own drawstring backpack with grommets is a fun and rewarding DIY project. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide, you can design and customize a unique backpack that suits your needs and style. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, this project offers a practical and stylish solution for carrying your essentials.

Quick Drawstring Backpack: DIY with Grommets

FAQs – Quick Drawstring Backpack

Can I use different types of fabric for the drawstring backpack?

Yes, you can experiment with various fabrics to achieve different looks and textures for your backpack. Just ensure that the fabric is sturdy enough to withstand everyday use.

How long does it take to make a quick drawstring backpack?

The time required to complete this project depends on your sewing skills and the complexity of the design. On average, it can take a few hours to complete.

Are grommets necessary for a drawstring backpack?

While grommets are not mandatory, they provide durability and a professional finish to the backpack. They also act as the openings for the drawstring, ensuring easy access.

Can I add pockets to the drawstring backpack?

Absolutely! If you prefer additional storage options, you can incorporate pockets into the design. Consider adding a small zippered pocket or exterior mesh pockets for convenience.

Can I wash the drawstring backpack in a washing machine?

It’s best to avoid machine washing your drawstring backpack, as it may damage the grommets and drawstring. Spot cleaning and hand washing are recommended for maintaining their quality.

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